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Thinking about metal? Well, now is a great time as there are many benefits a metal roofing system provides. From providing peace-of-mind to adding value to your home, a metal roofing system is a great decision.

    •  Energy Savings

    •  Increased Home & Resale Value

    •  Longevity

    •  Durability & Strength

Altek Roofing is one of the leading experts in residential and commercial metal roofing restoration. With its team of metal roofing specialists, Altek Roofing helps clients navigate the complex world of roof construction and then replaces their existing damaged roof with one guaranteed to last many years. Thanks to Altek Roofing thousands of homeowners and commercial clients have received new, high-quality metal roofs. 

Altek Roofing knows metal roofing. We offer a concealed fastener architecural panel system that we fabricate on the job site. Our panel is sleek contemporary look, satisfies your demands for beauty, quality, durability and respect for the environment. Call now for more information 619-871-3112. 

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Go Green

Energy Efficient


Metal roofing in both light and dark colors reflects heat effectively to reduce cooling loads in the summer and insulate homes during the winter. This can help to lower energy bills.